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  • Our folding bikes

    . MOBIKY, the concept.

    The folding bikes MOBIKY are created from a patent registered in 90's.
    The objective was to develop a new folding system, quick and simple, with the possibility for users to roll with his bike even if it's folding.

    The patent was acquired by MOBIKY at the begin of the years 2000 : directly made from this patent, the GENIUS was developed.

    Compact, well designed and elegant, the GENIUS, with 12 inches wheels, was a success. It was made in China.
    An other model, with 16 inches wheels, the MY16, was in project...

    When Pascal BAISNEE acquired MOBIKY he decided to develop new bikes from the GENIUS and the MY16 to produce folding bikes with speeds (more comfortable) and folding E-bikes.




    MOBIKY is working on the development of others projects to build the way of the mobility...
    Privates, communities, companies : Everybody can benefit of this revolutionaries products and projects !